Genetically Food Cropping Everywhere

Genetically-modified (GM) food are food exposed to radiation and/or chemicals to alter their genes and confer them some specific properties (such as disease resistance). There is no unbiased long-term studies on the health effect of consuming those food. There are however studies on animals that have shown severe (fatal) organs damage. GM food are banned in most countries in Europe but are very present in America, where there’s not even legislation to properly label GM food as such.

And unfortunately, GM food are cropping everywhere. In recent years canola, papayas, zucchinis, sugar, salmon, tomatoes and many other food have been added to the list of GM food, right along corn and soybeans. Even dairy is a GM food as cows are fed with GM grains and hay, and injected with GM growth hormones.

And the list of GM food gets longer (much longer) every day. For example, the product number of the honey melon below (recently purchased at Costco in Texas) starts with an 8, an indication that the food genes have been altered. Unfortunately, this was an easy pick. There are many other GM food that are invisible, such as the high fructose corn syrup that is found in most food today. There are now hundreds of GM food throughout the food chain (see links below).

Genetically Modified Food

Here are a few easy tricks to help:

  • Watch for the Non-GMO Verified logo, as shown on a Silk almond milk carton, which indicates a natural, non-GM food.
  • Do not purchase products with a 5-digit product number that starts with an ‘8’, which indicates a GM food. A 5-digit number that starts with a ‘9’ indicates an organic food, which is safe to consume.
  • Prefer organic food. It costs a little more, but they were not grown with pesticides and are not GM food.
  • When the cashier asks if “you found everything ok” when checking out, don’t hesitate to let them know that you would pay more to buy non-GM food. Grocery stores and other store chains selling food (Walmart, Costco, etc.) can help influence food producers to grow safe food.

Non GMO Food

Visit the following sites for more information:

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