Healthy recipes from the American Diabetes Association… NOT!

The ADA’s online magazine, Diabetes Forecast, publishes a recipe called Southern-Style Beet Greens, whose first ingredient is… a slice of bacon. Let’s consider this:

  • one slice of bacon (0.3 oz, 10g) provides nearly 50 calories, 70% of it from fat;
  • bacon’s high saturated fat content and absence of nutrients significantly contribute to atherosclerosis, leading to heart diseases even when consumed in small amounts;
  • its very high fat content is a trigger for type 2 diabetes. It’s not sugar that causes the disease, it’s malnutrition based on fatty and nutrient-deficient food and lack of exercises;
  • animal protein is strongly associated to cancer growth.

That recipe perpetuates the Western-style diets that encourage the consumption of fats, which are known to be very detrimental to human health (the food industry would like us to think otherwise, but that’s just to sell more of their products).

The best diet for people with diabetes is the same as for anyone: lots of vegetables, fruits and beans, some grains (whole wheat rice, 100% whole bread, 100% whole wheat pasta), and small amount of nuts (none for people with heart diseases). In particular, no processed food and no extra oil at all. Such a diet is very nutrient-rich, and provides plenty of proteins and essential fats even for athletes.

Southern-Style Beet Greens


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